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September 18, 2008
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Imbedded Dictionary in OS X!

I’m pretty sure that everyone knows there’s a dictionary in OS X, and that there’s even a dictionary widget… BUT, did you know there’s an imbedded one (and thesaurus) in OS X? Yep… You can activate it anywhere!

Just mouse over a word you want to know the definition for, and then press:

Ctrl+Command(Apple Key)+D

You’ll see a popup with the definition, and on the bottom, left, you can select Thesaurus (or Apple). It also has slang words, like “cuz”

Super Handy =)

Picture 3.png

.: Adam

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Veency iPhone VNC Server Rocks!

A new app showed up on Cydia today called Veency.

It’s a fully functional VNC Server for the iPhone and it’s bad ass! The thing works just like you would expect it to =)

This is an initial release, and they’re planning on putting in some updates, but seriously… this thing is awesome!

(Note for installing: You MUST reboot your phone after it’s installed for the service to start. Then you can connect with a VNC client. This isn’t in the file info.)

Now I can have my phone charging in the other room, and when I receive a new txt, I don’t have to get up to check my phone (or go upstairs/downstairs). I just VNC in and blam! The keyboard works for everything too!

When you establish a new connection (there’s no password), a prompt will appear on the iPhone as to if you want to accept the connection. Also, there’s no on/off toggle. Both of these are things that are planned for a future release.

The only thing that I wish would happen is a remembering of IP’s that connected. Cuz, if the phone is in the other room, and I try to establish a new connection, I have to hit the “Accept” button… which means I gotta get up and go to the phone (defeats the purpose). So I just have to establish the connection before I sit down ;)

Overall though, very cool app. Good future, and totally worth the price tag of Free =)

Here’s a screenshot from my Mac connected into my phone:

Picture 3.png

The developer also put up a video of it in action. I upped it to youtube, so I could publish it here (he had it as a MOV file…wtf?)

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want this!

.: Adam

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