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September 10, 2008
  • how can people not know how to use a computer when they’ve been using them for 20+ years?! #
  • If i have to watch you edit a document, you better know basic keyboard shortcuts. Screw that mouse crap! #
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Cooking Dinner Day 2

Today I went for steak! A got 2 nice filets from the market (one for today, and one for tomorrow). They’re each about 16oz. I think I need to get out of work earlier to get the better choices of meat though. I bothered the hell out of the butcher looking through all the filets for nice ones. My guess is that all the 9-5′ers got prime picks.

I was really excited for this meal, because I was hungry, and steak is really easy to make =). I first pulled out one of the filet’s and rubbed it down in olive oil and then let it sit open-air for a little over an hour. While it was doing it’s thang, I went to the store in picked up some potatoes, cheese, milk, and a pepper grinder. Guess what I’m making?

When I got home I dropped 4 potatoes into a pot and let them boil away. I learned from last night that I needed a side, so tonight, I’m making garlic and mozzarella mashed potatoes =).

Once the water began to boil, I turned on the stove and started to sear my steak. Add some salt and pepper to the tops and about 2 and a half minutes a side to lock in the juices, then back to the plate to sit for about 30 minutes. While waiting, I began to preheat the oven.

Onto the potatoes! Throw in some garlic powder, salt, milk, butter, mash those bad boys up then toss in some fresh mozzarella and make a bowl of gooey tasty mess!

Throw the steak in the oven for 15 minutes (anything over medium rare, and it’s not worth eating).

Throw it all on a plate, and dinner is served!


It turned out really well! Super tasty, and just the right portion. Tomorrow I will be doing it again, but trying to work up more flavor to the steak, and maybe my own sauce. Who knows! The tenderness, and juicy-ness of the steak was perfect through. I’m starting to learn my oven. Not as nice as the massive ones I’m used to cooking on from restaurants, but it’ll do. Only took 6 years ;o)

.: Adam

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Cooking Dinner Day 1

I’ve decided to try and start cooking my own dinners. Not shells and cheese, or a PB&J sandwich, but real food.

For my first attempt, I made a Cajun Blackened Salmon. The first fillet was really good and I was pretty happy with it. I wanted to go a little more juicy, and a little less crispy on the sides. For my second fillet, it was perfect. Delicious! To keep more of the juices and make the top just right, I added some canola oil to the top and around the edged while searing the salmon. Then into the over for about 30 seconds less than before. Booyah!

I also made my own cajun rub with paprika, garlic salt, sea salt, crushed black and white pepper, curry powder (obviously), onion powder, and a little bit of dried chopped thyme. Came out really well. Just spicy enough, and formed a nice dark crust over the fish.

Here’s a pic of the first attempt. (The lemon in the photo is huge, the fillet is a half pound).


Next… Steak!

.: Adam

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