What a trip. 600 Miles on my bike!

September 1, 2008

Yesterday I got the bright idea to bike it to Portland Maine. I figure, everyone else was doing something for labor day weekend, and that I should get the hell out of the city.

Well, according to Google Maps, I could make it to Portland in 5 and a half hours. F that.

After an hour on the road I figured, screw it. I’m just going to ride and see where I wind up =).

I wound up going to Cape Cod, Plymouth, and Boston. While I was in boston I stopped at a fetish party at Machine. It looked like it could have been fun, but I didn’t really feel like hanging out with people.

All-in-all, I was on the road for 13 hours and traveled over 600 miles! I think that was one of the coolest bonding experiences between me an my motorcycle. I’ve also named her now. Yep.. her. Her name is Betty (Black Betty). Also, after all that, I was still eager to go out and ride again today! It’s 320 miles to Portland, 530 miles to Columbus, 600 miles to Detroit, 520 miles to Raleigh, and 500 miles to Toronto. Just to give some perspective =)

It was a great time, and Now I know both my limits and hers. What a great experience. 100% freedom! I’m soar as hell right now, but it was worth it!

Oh, and here’s what I consumed: 1 lemonade, 1 footlong BMT sub from Subway, 3 Redbulls, 1 slimjim, and 1 twinkie. I was aiming for healthy ;)

.: Adam

ps. Artists that rock while riding: Billy Idol, Dethklok, and White Zombie.

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Cabin Boy rocks!

“Good afternoon Madame, would you like to but a donkey? Donkeys are on sale today through Thursday. And be sure to visit our linen department for spectacular savings on stereophonic pumpkins and glow in the dark bowling balls.”


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